Kansas City Startup Ideas


Alright here is the list of startup ideas.  Sorry if I misspelled your name.

  1. Andrew – Online Marketspace for Green Products and Services.  Allow greater access of the idea to the public.
  2. Matt  – Industrial Exchange.  Setup a website to allow business to post what they need at a price they willing they pay, then have suppliers list the items they are selling.
  3. Connel and Jacki – Friendmaker – People need friends.  Create an avenue to help people help build true friendships.
  4. Derek – Building a cloud-base platform to form Twitter groups.
  5. Simon – Build a better Twitter search. Use a method similar to Digg to promote good information.
  6. George – Itsasecret.shh  – website to upload secrets and knowledge.
  7. Bruce – Google Calendar phone reminder.
  8. Susana – Web app similar to Meetup for alumni organizations.  Provide a way to continue the conversations outside the reunion.
  9. Josh – Phone Banking – build a smart phone app that interacts with a campaign database for assisting Phone banking.
  10. Dan – Developing an artisan guild to teach media rights, creative commons to the public.
  11. Cory – Tech support sucks – Build a decision tree of problem and solution that is wiki-fied.
  12. Rob – Build a home page generator that links a user’s online activity. Looks like a mind map.
  13. Jake – Twitter Bot – It finds upcoming concert events prompted by a DM message. Goal to assist with ticket sales.
  14. Sean – Free Credit Report.com as a Twitter Karma.
  15. Nate – Recovery.gov – Reformat the recovery.gov data into a readable format.
  16. Joey – Preset list of notification for updates regarding child birth.
  17. Jon – Build a better way to share images and documents.  Build a web annotation tool for leaving comments on web pages.
  18. Jeanette – Twitter based website – 6 degrees of twitteration – Controlled twitter feed for exploring friends’ friends.
  19. Ian – ingspot.com – Take google maps and add woofoo(?) allows users to create custom fields for sharing information on maps.
  20. Nancy – Integrate four products for Health and Wellness.
  21. Ryan – Iphone app for localized chats.
  22. Devin – Web site for venue owners and bands to log information against each other.
  23. Ryan – Tweet a bitch – say something anonymous directly to the person.  TweetBomb, Bitch-a-Gram as payment services.
  24. Scott – iphone app – using location services to find “trouble”
  25. Sean – Post a picture on a website for tattoo pricing.
  26. Vince – Hit the town with cameras to see what people what for the iphone.
  27. Surge – Build an app for reading 2D barcode and reacting to its instructions.
  28. Jon – Where to go to lunch? Its an app to help someone decide on a restaurant.
  29. Jennifer – Hungry Tweeps to brand a website for lunch opportunities of the day.
  30. Kartie – Its an issue to talk to a professional in any field. Proposing a web app to schedule interviews with professions.
  31. Matt – No Lines / Lines Free – Get rid of waiting in line by using a phone to track the queue.
  32. Josh – Build a broadcasting medium to share scientific results in real-time.
  33. Josh – Stockbubbles – Build a visualization tool to visualize stocks and tax spending as a quick glance.
  34. Justin – mobile app to auto-checkin for a flight.
  35. Chris – Archive Magazine into a hulu-like website
  36. George – Desperately want grass to grow. — Service to guide grass care.
  37. Joel – Twitter Bot Engine to allow a company to build their own twitter bot.
  38. Jaime – A website to assist with packing.
  39. Ryan – Website for golf course review.
  40. Cara – mobile app for shopping. The application assists with shopping decision.
  41. Ryan – Want to put bicyclers to work to make local delivery.
  42. Kevin – Need a better Reminder system.
  43. Joey – A mobile app for review services and products.