In first place:

activism2go is a smart phone application that allows political campaign volunteers to place campaign phone calls anytime, anywhere from their phone, complete with script and data collection. Uses can expand into any industry that needs phone banking. Status: Phone application works, but isn’t yet available through the website. 

In second place: 

Second place: The goal of is to connect researchers to each other, drastically reducing the amount of time between scientific breakthroughs and dissemination of information. Status: Site is up and working, but will always be available on an invitation-only basis to qualified users. 

In third place: 

annotify is a web-based annotation tool that makes an exact copy of any webpage, letting you draw, highlight text and make notes on it. Social features allow your followers to see exactly what on a page interests you and why. Status: The site is accepting signups for launch notification. Annotation and social features are functional on a development server. 

And seven other fabulous concepts, in no particular order: 

myconcerts_fm allows your to connect your Twitter account with your account to get tweets when your favorite bands are coming to town. Status: Works great (and looks beautiful). 

stashmate_logo-1 helps you keep track of what you own, particularly for moving. Use the site to tag what items are in what boxes. Status: Works great. 

treadex-1 enables bicycle couriering. It allows cyclists to check in on the site when they’re available, thus allowing businesses to contact them for pickups and deliveries. Status: Works great (especially when more cyclists join in!).

rarebrew1 is an online tea-lover’s community and shop designed to connect visitors with local and international tea experts and online reviews of tea from around the world. The site even offers a Tea of the Month delivery service for exploring new teas. Status: Works great, complete with a budding community. 


topchirplogo-1 gives Digg-like rankings to tweets. Status: Works great. 

eussi_logo-1 is to magazines as is to TV. The concept is to aggregate complete back issues of magazines in one place, while also enhancing the searchability of the issues through enhanced tagging and indexing. Status: Working demo but no online presence yet. 

And the running joke of the weekend…

restaurant_swami helps you choose where to eat lunch. Status: You decide. 

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