Startup Weekend Kansas City Details & PreEvent Prize for Tweeting


Hi Everyone!

We’re super pumped. Startup Weekend is only few days away!  We’re still looking for about another 20 attendees. So if you have graphic designer friends, business colleagues or developer contacts, invite them out!

Bonus prize: We’ll refund 1 random ticket of those who tweet out:

“I’m attending Startup Weekend Kansas City. A 54-hour tech weekend warrior event. Register at #kcsw”

This year, we’ll be at the Infegy office spaces (link at bottom).  Note, the office space is on the backside of the Briaircliff shops.  Thank you to our sponsors Kauffman Foundation, Infegy, npT, Briaricliff Reality, Tradebot, the KCMO Chamber, Think Bigger Business Media, Enterprise Center of Johnson County, Kansas Pipeline, KC Sourcelink and Chivra.

What’s the schedule?
We’ll start promptly at 7pm on Friday, but you should be there around 6pm. We’ll have beer, soda and pizza to help lubricate the conversations.  Pitches last about an hour and we’ll start forming teams and get to work.  Its up to you on when you want to leave, but most teams stay until midnight or later to get a jump start on the idea.  Saturday, we’ll start at 8am with a waffle breakfast to 11am (feel free to invite friends, and lunch is at noon.  Dinner is on your own with you team (we don’t want to interrupt!).  Sunday breakfast is at 9am, followed by lunch at noon.  The Sunday dinner program will be at 6pm, with demos starting promptly at 6:30.

I’m a Sponsor, what do I do?
Show up! You’re welcome to stop by at any time during the event.  We’ve also reserved time on Friday and Sunday during the program for you to give your own 3 minute pitch!  Email me to confirm a time, if we haven’t chatted specifically.

How does the pitching work?
Everyone gets a chance to give a 1 minute pitch (yep, I’ll be timing) on any business topic, startup idea, etc that you want. Its totally up to you!  Once everyone has had a chance to pitch, we’ll let second or third ideas hit the microphone.  A couple quick guidelines. 1. It’s best to focus on an internet startup. Manufacturing a new pair of shoes over a weekend might be a bit hard! 2. Think simple to start.  We have 54 hours, what can you accomplish in that time? 3. Say what your skill set is and what you will need. Developers? Business people? Graphic designers? 4. If you prefer to code/develop in a particular platform, say that too. 5. If you have three or four ideas, pick the best one! 50 pitches can get tedious, especially if they are all from you!

How do I join a team?
Steven and I will keep a running list of all the ideas.  After everyone has pitched, I’ll quickly run over the concepts in a funny and summarized format, asking everyone to vote whether they would join that team.  We’ll collect the number of votes, and determine the top five to seven concepts, depending on interest.  The leaders of those ideas will be identified (the pitchers), and you vote with your feet. You’ll get 20 minutes to go talk to them, and join the team idea you like the most. That’s it!

What if my idea tanks but two of us really want to do it?
Then do it! The five to seven is just a guideline.  If you can get the resources you need, go for it.

Can I leave during the weekend and come back?
Yes, its totally ok to go watch the kids soccer game or hop out for honey-do-errands. However, you should let your team know so that they can plan on it. But don’t be ‘that guy’ who totally slouches!

What to bring?
A few recommended items include: WIFI router (we always need a few of these), laptop, extension cords, power outlets, video camera (document your progress), gum (yes, gum!), snacks, and a waffle iron for saturday (we could use an extra or two).

Dan, Adam, and Steven

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