Sunday Presentation Prizes


Hey, Startup Weekend folks,

We’re getting down to crunch time here at KCSW. Teams are preparing for presentations beginning at 4:00pm. What’s at stake for our teams?


The following are prizes for first, second, and third:

First place – 3 months of free space at Office Port for up to 5 people. And a booth at the Sprint Innovation Summit where several Sprint execs and investors will be accessible for potential funding and advising.

Second place – $1,000 worth legal services

Third place – Organizer high-fives, coke and smile.

Judging Criteria

Customer Validation

  • Interview potential and target customers.
  • Integrate feedback into your product.
  • Build a fan base and would-be customers.

Business model

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Define your customer acquisition and rollout strategy.
  • Clearly and realistically articulate your revenue model.


  • Develop a functional protoype.
  • Execute well as a team.

Tech checks of prezzos have given us a glimpse of all the hard work done over the weekend. Big things poppin at KCSW.