Team Descriptions


Team descriptions below! We’re kicking things off around 4:00 tonight. Good luck everyone!


Clusterfunk: A user friendly market research that uses an intuitive search engine that uncovers relevant info based on empherical and social info compatibility. We streamline searches for users who do not know how to ask the right questions or have never done market research. We have developed a search guide to consel users into asking the right questions so that they get the right answers and don’t waste time searching irrevelant material.


Soldier Up: A community where Entrepreneurs can help Veteran get started with their life back home


Do or Donate: An application to provide public accountability and motivation to reach personal goals.


Deal District: Deals you want, when and where you want them. Never annoying, always valuable. When you head out on the town for a day of shopping or exploring, turn on Deal District to receive relevant deals and offers from merchants in the immediate vicinity. If you’re not in the mood for solicitation, simply turn Deal District off to fly under the radar.


Kansas City Culture Crawl: We connect the adventurous with local businesses in unique pockets of our city, while providing an exceptional value for unique entertaining evening events.


eFarm: eFARM is a service based company that empowers the people of Kansas City to select, grow and monitor their own food.


WaZoo: WaZoo is a real-time Zoo app that will allow the following features: Map of the venue, Schedule of Events, Popular spots, Contact with guest services, Coupons, Games, and live User feed. You can also take and download photos of the animals in real-time.


PassDefense: A service that offers secure password authentication for developers. By using military grade cryptography we remove the need to even store passwords for authentication.


Broville: We are creating a mobile platform for male relationship and dating advice. The mission is to empower men with the knowledge and tools to be successful with women.


 WtfBing: We help App devs get their apps social media mentions by offering up promocodes to potential users through a weighted lottery system. Users get points by getting clicks to their social media mentions.


E-Beacons: A public safety service in the form of a mobile/web app for highly concentrated areas such as college and corporate campuses.


Fix It Button: Tech Support for the Internet. We provide simple help for people to get past their technology and get on with their lives. As a geek, you can purchase Fix It Button for friends & family to help them out when you can’t field their calls.


Shop Startup: Connecting customers to the hottest startups with unique gift ideas.


Artforce: Website resource for helping artists and creative professionals develop marketing and business skills. Through blogs, online courses, and mentorship programs, we will help launch and develop the professional careers of creative people.


20 HAPPY: Revolutionary eye wear that is customizable, affordable and fashionable.


lisn: lisn makes listening to podcasts simpler, more beautiful, and more engaging.