KCSW #8 Teams


The 13 teams of KCSW #8 have been working day and night to bring these ideas to fruition. Below is the order of presentations. Presentations begin at 4:00pm!


1. Pearing- Photo-dating mobile app built on Instagram @pearingapp

2. EqueSmart- One horse. Every record. One place. @EqueSmart

3. GoatFish- Enabling a turn-key sales force for start-ups across large geographical areas @goatfishsales

4. What’s In My Fridge- Enter ingredients from your fridge and receive recipes so you can get cooking

5. CrowdFit- CrowdFit curates fitness content from Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest, in order to provide the right fitness solution to the right people @CrowdFitApp

6. Make It Clique- The platform to bring designers and builders together to bring ideas from the blackboard to the real world

7. Roo Pouch- The next best thing in wearable technology @RooPouch

8. Saniknob- Sani-Knob is an anti-microbial rubberized door knob cover that slips over door knobs to prevent the spread of illnesses

9. MagVine- Revolutionizing the way  you search and browse people and products locally

10. Homesforstartups.com- Connecting innovative startups with real estate investors and neighbors to revitalize and build a sustainable economic ecosystem

11. Harp Health- Harp Health connects first responders to doctors with real time video conferencing using Google Glass for faster acute care that saves lives @HarpHealth

12. Pijjin- Pijjin is the social game that helps lost pijjins find their way home @PijjinApp

13. Evodrobe- Monthly subscription men’s fashion rental service