KCSW #9 Wrap-Up



After hours of work including long nights, the teams were ready to present. With just 3 teams, presentations may not have taken as much time as in past events but that didn’t make it any easier on the judges. Each judge took time during their feedback to the teams to express how impressed they were with the ideas and the team’s execution. Then came the announcement of the 9th winner of KCSW…

Congratulations to RARA Reader!

As this year’s top place team, RARA Reader will received the following prizes:

But as we know, everyone is a winner at Startup Weekend. Trying to build a business in just a weekend is life changing. We all leave with new skills and new friends.


Before we go, we want to make sure to say THANK YOU to everyone who makes KC Startup Weekend happen.

Thank you to our host Blue Valley Center for Advance Professional Studies! Your facility and staff were amazing.

Thank you to Sprint Accelerator for your generous sponsorship!  We could not have done it without you.

Thank you to all our prize sponsors! Your prizes will truly help on the entrepreneurs on their journey.

And finally thank you to all the people who gave up their time to make KCSW a success!

  • Judges: Ryan O’Connell, Lisa Williams, Corey Mohn
  • Mentors: Jennifer Shaw, Michele Markey, Dan Schmidt, Chris Brown, Jill Meyer, Joe Barber, Chris Thomas, Melissa Roberts, Matt Berkland, Troy Norris, Chris Morris
  • Speaker: Alicia Herald
  • All our participants, friends & family

We hope to see you all again in the fall!


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